Meet the Gym (Virtual Tour)

Click on the image above to walk around our facility before you even come to our physical location!

Mission:  Helping people reach their fitness goals, one kick at a time. 

Vision: To be the #1 Kickboxing fitness club in Moncton. 

Values: At Moncton Kickfit we are: 

  1. Fun - Working out is tough stuff, let's have fun while we do it! 
  2. Inviting - We are a group of people, inviting others to reap the benefits from physical and mental wellness. 
  3. Honest - Always be honest. 
  4. Encouraging - Each of us needs encouragement and this is not just the coaches job! If you are a member at Moncton KickFit, you are an encourager! 

Meet Our Chief

Jake Darch

Jake has trained formally in multiple disciplines and styles of martial arts and has spent countless hours conditioning and weight training to further his capabilities. Martial arts and training remained a passion of his for so long due to his outlooks that there is always room to grow and further your knowledge.

Since the very first day of training, Jake noticed the countless benefits of fitness and martial arts in his life. It really was a life-changing thing for him in so many positive ways. Having such an impact on him, it has become a goal of his to share the benefits of the wonderful world of martial arts and fitness with as many people as he possibly can.