Finding time in your busy schedule to exercise your physical body pays dividends in the future. Not only will you immediately feel better physically, but you will also feel better mentally. Completing a Moncton KickFit workout benefits the whole person. Check out this video as we run these great people through their first-time workout.

One of the biggest problems that prevent people from working out is time. We don't have a lot of spare time to try to spend an hour at the gym fumbling with weights and exercise equipment. Moncton Kickfit is a 35-minute full-body workout. It is a circuit based exercise gym that incorporates Kickboxing movements and themes into 10 - 3min intervals. Not only is the total workout only 35 minutes, but you can arrive and join in at any three-minute increment during the day!

If you are anything like us, routine workouts can be extremely boring! With Moncton KickFit, you can work out to new intervals daily! Imagine a fitness club where you are always on your toes! Literally! With this variety, it will be sure to satisfy even the most distracted person.

Moncton Kickfit is unlike other martial arts themed fitness clubs in that there are no specific classes scheduled during your busiest time of the day! Simply come in when your schedule allows it! This fitness club utilizes the power of community to encourage members to maintain fitness goals and keep coming back at their most convenient time.

Lastly, each time you arrive at our club you will be greeted by an inviting coach! These coaches will ensure that you reach your potential and your fitness goals! During the circuit, expect to prove your kickboxing skills to these fine people! They will help you with form and function to ensure you have a fun and safe workout.